Making things difficult…

Got writer’s block? Pull your head from the sand and read what Ty has to say, it may change your whole perspective.


Writing is not a simple task but people like to think of it as one. As an example, we will use my mother (because what is the true purpose of a blog, other than to vent about one’s personal life?), who actually has convinced herself that in order for me to get a writing gig I simply need to sit down and write. Just like that, sit down, pump something out (she doesn’t know what — she hardly knows I write comic review and op-eds and couldn’t care less about them anyway), and submit it for money. 

The sick part is… she’s sort of right. I’m not saying you just sit yourself down at a desk, meditate for a moment, and then your eyelids flash open as your muse possesses you, your pupils gone and your aura glowing about you as your fingers fly across the keys, tapping and rapping…

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