Paris Hilton’s Vagina



Killer whales aren’t whales.

They’re actually dolphins.

All dolphins are whales.


Wiki teaches this.

Google will tell you this, too.

And it’s true, I swear.


How can I be sure?

Paris Hilton’s Vagina.

Just ask Chicago.

Please, check for yourself.

Pull it up on your smartphone,

surely there’s an app.


See, a few years back,

Paris’ cooter grew teeth

and ate a small town.


It’s a true story.

Happened ‘bout twenty years back,

Circa ninety-four.


Other things I know?

Moths aren’t attracted to light–

it confuses them.


They use the moon’s glow

to guid their navigation.

Our lights throw them off.


But back to the point.

Much like the moth, you’re confused,

as well you should be.


Thank Wiki for that

and for all you think you know.

Thank Google as well.


Keep Paris in mind.

If it’s on the internet,

it must be true, right?


‘Cause just think: some day,

you, too, could terrorize a

small midwestern town.


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