Breaking: Facebook & Procrastination Yield Productivity.

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Earlier today, I read the short story “Hair” by the late Joan Aiken, on my way through The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2012. Admittedly, I decided to stay in bed and read, instead of come up with material for this blog. Like it reads in the About section of this site, world-class procrastinator. Anyway, I’ve been picking away at this anthology for the past few weeks, and I’m noticing a disturbing trend: disappointment.

It’s not that “Hair” is a bad short story. In fact, I rather liked its imagery, and some of the language is quite beautiful. The story is also quite short; it could even be considered flash fiction. The problem, though, lies in the choices of short stories. I haven’t come across anything I would consider dark, fantastical, or horrific. Certainly not the year’s best, by any means. But it’s made me think about what I’m not reading in this collection. If I’m reading dark fantasy and horror, I want to experience dark fantasy and horror.

Tired of being led on, I did what most people do when they’re, well, when they’re awake, really. I visited Facebook–I know, I know, I’m ashamed to admit it. Scrolling through the trash (read: home page), I zipped by director Kevin Smith’s recent activity. As I scrolled, I recalled what he said years ago about making movies. How when he started out, he wanted to make movies for himself and his friends, so they could watch the movies that appealed to them. Whoa. Why not just write what I’m not seeing in this anthology?

Everything came together in that moment. I figured I could start banging away at some dark fantasy and horror short stories. Better yet, I can even use it as fodder for my site. Hot damn, I’m solving all sorts of problems.

As of now, I’m thinking of releasing some regularly scheduled flash fiction, as well as the bad poetry I’m so fond of creating. Mix in some regular blog posts, such as this gem, and I’ll be good to go. Fear not, though, faithful reader, I won’t take up all your time with writing and fiction reviews; I plan on talking leisure activities outside of the written word.

So there you have it. A true account of how Facebook increased activity–if only for a day.



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Who is Jim Brady? While I learn more about who I am, it’s safe to say I’m inspired by the creativity of others. Creativity is contagious and needs to be shared immediately. I’m not going to paint too specific or broad a picture about who I’d like to think I am. I enjoy reading and writing–especially short fiction; my World of Warcraft account gets plenty of use; I love my dog; and I’m a world-class procrastinator. With any luck, if you stick around, you’ll learn a whole lot of useless information about me and how I view the world. View all posts by LJB_3rd

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