On the map!


Welcome to Not A WordPress Blog–a wordpress blog of moderate quality. I am your humble narrator, Jim Brady. Here at NaWB, I will discuss a whole mishmash of topics including, but not limited to, writing, reading, gaming, being a nerd, movies, life, and whatever else may be passing through my mind when I open a new document. I’ll also be sharing with you all some of my writing–mostly fiction. Of course, everything I post here is for your viewing pleasure, and I encourage your feedback should you feel it necessary.

But who is Jim Brady?

Wonderful question! I’m entering my senior year at Rhode Island College as an English major. I greatly enjoy reading/writing speculative fiction, as well as some sci-fi and fantasy. Short fiction has become my favorite medium of reading/writing, but there is still something extremely sexy and forbidden about the novel.

“And if youve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” I truly hope you visit from time to time; come see what I’ve got going on. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself.



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